Complete repair panels for ribbed doors pre 9/52



New better version:
– Higher (height over 20 cm) and more accurate in many ways.

Inner repair panels for ribbed doors, made for split beetle. Made of 1 mm thickness steel, very stiff.

Including all detais:

– Hinge support bracket
– Window regulator bracket
– Holes for upholstery panel clips
– Holes for hinge
– Hole for arm rest bracket

– Hinge can be riveted to inner panel when door is cut for repair. Holes for the inner strengtener need to be drilled prior hinge assembly.
– Special rivets available now for $5 each.
– It’s also a good time to repair the lower hinge before installing it.

Outer skin is sold SEPARATELY, it has approx 1 mm too wide lower lip to help final adjustment. Outer panels is 13 cm height, I can make also higher panels if needed. Outer has a joining lip to old metal.

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